TMR Direct Launches App Center – Free Internet Marketing Tools

Today, we’re launching the TMR Direct Apps Center.  To start, it’s got 3 free tools to help you in your marketing efforts.  Let’s take a look at each of the tools individually.

1. The QR Code Generator – This is pretty self explanatory, but basically it generates a QR code out of any URL.  The unique part of this tool is that it automatically shortens your links to increase the effectiveness of your QR code.

2.  Real Time Link Notification – Have you ever wondered if someone clicked a link in your email? Well, we sure have!  Simply enter the URL, your name, email address and the recipient’s name.  you’ll be given a tracking link.  Insert this link into your email and fire it away!  Once the recipient clicks the link, you’ll receive an email notifying you instantly. 

Another feature that will be available soon is the temporary document hosting.  Let’s say you send off a proposal to a prospect.  You probably want to know if they’ve looked at it or not.  Simply upload your contract and then generate a link to download it – send the link to your prospect and you’re all set!  Now you’ll be able to follow up more effectively.  This is just one example of how to use the tool.

3.  Bulk Tracking URL Builder – Ever sent out an email campaign or a newsletter where you had to create 10 or 15 different tracking links?  How tedious and time comsuming was it?  Well, here’s the tool for you.  Walk through the easy-to-use wizard and enter your URLs in bulk.  As long as your campaign and marketing medium are the same, this will save you loads of time.

We plan on adding to these apps and building out new ones in the future, so please send us your feedback.  Give the tools a test ride and let us know what you think!


The TMR Direct App Center was built by Taylor Vowell.