TMR Direct Named One of the Top 20 Hubspot Partners

Silver Certified HubSpot Agency

As you may know, we teamed up with Hubspot a little over a year ago.  Their tool set is the best in the business and we wanted to be consistent in the way we deliver our inbound marketing services to our clients so that we can make them as successful as possible.  Our theory was that if we get really, really good with one tool set, we’ll achieve a higher ROI for our clients.

Yesterday, Hubspot just announced their new Tier System.  They have over 400 Value Added Resellers (VARS) now, so they needed a way to distinguish the ones that are helping customers achieve a high level of success.  We’re pleased to announce that we are among the top 20 of all Hubspot VARS.  We see this as a starting place and look forward to improving our processes, services and continuing to work towards better results for our clients.

To celebrate, we’re offering a special discount for anyone that signs up for TMR Direct’s inbound marketing services in the month of November.  All you need to do is mention this blog post.  If you’d like to find out more, please send me an email and we can get a no obligation call set up to discuss your marketing and sales goals for 2012.