Understanding How to Use Large Format Printing in Mailing

Understanding-How_to-Use-Large-Format-Printing-in-Mailing.jpgSometimes the best approach to making a big impact with  marketing efforts involves “going large.” By that I mean taking advantage of something called large format printing.

Even if the term isn’t familiar to you, chances are you’ve seen large format printing in practice. You’ve seen oversized banners and posters at malls, outdoor shopping centers, information kiosks, movie theaters, trade shows, festivals, or even citywide events. You may even see large format printing done to wrap vehicles.

The size and visual impact of these printed pieces makes them hard to miss. They’re ideal for communicating a simple, single message to people who are on the move. However, it’s not enough to just be noticed. What really matters is engaging potential customers and generating response.

How to catch people on the move

Large format pieces are most effective when they are coupled with other technologies that allow people to respond. Prominently displaying your company or organization’s phone number can work. But expecting on-the-go people to read and memorize a phone number is asking a lot. Having a short, catchy URL or hash tag visible can also work. Just make sure it directs interested parties to a specific landing page rather that just to your home page.

Using a QR code on your printed piece is even better. It doesn’t require memorizing or writing anything down. People in a hurry can simply capture the QR code with their smart phone and technology takes care of the rest! Here’s a post about how to create a QR code you can use.

Finally, like a URL, you’ll want your QR code should send viewers straight to a landing page specifically related to the printed piece. Always remember, provide people easy access to the information they’re interested in.

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