Using Precanceled Stamps on Your Direct Mailer


useing-precanceled-stamps-on-your-direct-mailerWhen a company decides on direct mailing as a marketing campaign, it can be frustrating when your efforts are automatically considered junk mail by many recipients because they lack a stamp. Fortunately, the United States Postal Service took initiative to help companies be more successful with direct mailings. They instituted new precanceled stamps. These stamps are provided for a lower price, and mailers pay the difference when they mail items.

While this extra cost might not seem worth it, having this stamp of approval will help recipients of your direct mailers feel like you are a more credible source. Consider the purchase of precanceled stamps a part of your marketing expenses. The investment is worth it.

Precanceled Stamps Bring Marketing Success

We’ve all had the experience of receiving junk mail. If you think about your experience, you might remember noticing the absence of a stamp and immediately throwing the mail in the trash. Unfortunately, that is what often happens to people who don’t invest in precanceled stamps for their direct mail campaigns.

After the USPS realized what was happening to these businesses, they decided to help give credibility to the honest efforts of companies large and small. Many businesses have experienced high success rates with direct mail campaigns since they started using precanceled stamps. If you are on the fence about whether this type of financial decision is wise or not, consider it a sound investment for the future of your company. The whole point of direct mailers is to help your message reach more people. If a precanceled stamp increases the chances of that happening, there should be no hesitation.

Look First Class

With a precanceled stamp, your marketing campaign gives the appearance of first class mail without having to pay for it. Precanceled stamps look almost identical to regular stamps issued by USPS. However, they are a fraction of the cost. Although it will be an added expense to your direct mailers, precanceled stamps will allow them to be taken more seriously by a larger number of recipients.

Perks for Small Businesses

If the marketing budget is tight, it is especially important that each investment is a success. When you start considering precanceled stamps, think about how much better your overall marketing investment will be with a USPS stamp in the upper right corner. If you want to start reaching more people, precanceled stamps will help you achieve that goal.

The Alternatives

When you decide not to use precanceled stamps, you are choosing more odds stacked against the success of your direct mail. This means that you will have to stress more about the packaging design, the content, and the overall presentation of every detail. If you choose to stay in the junk mail category, there are difficult obstacles to overcome.

Precanceled stamps may require a little more money, but the overall return will be better when you use them as part of your marketing plans. Make room for them in the budget so you can enjoy the benefits of first class mail without the price.

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