Welcome-to-the-Neighborhood Marketing


Welcome-to-the-Neighborhood-MarketingMoving to a new city can be challenging when it comes to discovering the best places to go to complete everyday tasks. Where is the closest grocery store? Where do I get my hair cut? How far is it to make a run for pizza? Every new resident in an area has similar questions and concerns. This makes for a wonderful direct mail marketing niche.

To a new resident, your mailing will be well received in two ways: for many, it will be exciting to find mail in what otherwise might be an empty mailbox, and, if the postcard or letter offers useful advice, the recipient will be grateful for learning valuable information that can help them acclimate to their new neighborhood. You are sure to have a favorable response to a thoughtful new resident direct mail campaign.

New Resident Direct Mail Campaign

The best way to reach new residents is to pinpoint current needs and help residents meet those needs in the most approachable way. Make them feel as welcome in their new community through your mailing as if you’d walked up to their door with a freshly baked cake. Focus on individuals and personalize your approach for the best results. New resident mailings are especially effective when you give something away. You will make a stronger, lasting impression if you show hospitality.

As you plan your direct mail campaign to new residents in an area, keep these steps in mind for positive results:

  • Find new residents. If you have new neighbors next door, you will likely be aware of it. But it’s not always such a simple task to determine where new residents have moved into other areas of the city. To find where people have recently moved in, it can be helpful to locate and partner with a mailing list provider. Through mailing lists, you can easily gain names and addresses of new residents to contact as well as other potentially valuable information.
  • Class them demographically. Be sure when you request a consumer mailing list you also ask for information beyond names and addresses. To reach new residents effectively, some knowledge of the people you are targeting is essential. Are they young or old? Recently married? Starting their families? Having a potential midlife crises? Are they recent retirees? This is all important information to determine for more precise targeting in direct mail marketing. Organize names and contact information into demographics to better personalize your mailings.

Determine their present needs. After gathering names and addresses, it is time to use some imagination. Try to put yourself in the shoes of new residents and ask yourself what services or offers they might best respond to. If they are young and married with children, you could offer tips on where to find quality, nearby daycare facilities. If your mailing will target retirees, you could suggest area activities and events popular with people in that age group. If mail recipients are middle aged and in a potentially higher income bracket, a list of luxury car dealerships or fine restaurants could be well-received.


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