What Experts Are Saying About Email Marketing

email marketingEmail marketing strategies continue to demand improvements as technology advances each day. Researching what works in email marketing and implementing action steps based on that information is a good start for improving email marketing. In addition to these proactive steps for ensuring the success of email marketing, it’s always wise to consider expert opinions. What’s worked for them? What issues are surfacing in email marketing and how can they be addressed? And, how do businesses utilize technology trends so that email marketing can be enhanced?

Here are three tips from three email marketing experts that address these questions. Michael Fleischner, Loren McDonald and Simms Jenkins offer the following information on email marketing in articles, blogs and radio interviews.

Michael Fleischner’s Seven Tips For Improving Email Marketing Results

  • Keep the email list current, with individuals who agree to receiving emails.

  • Make subject lines interesting so the emails are read and not deleted, unopened.

  • Make sure the sender name is clear so individuals know who is sending the email.

  • Track results of emails for evaluating progress and modifying as needed.

  • Have a method for individuals to remove themselves from the sender’s list.

  • Be sure images are correctly tagged and referenced.

  • Monitor the results of email marketing by reviewing information gathered.

Loren McDonald Another expert in email marketing, Loren McDonald, speaker and columnist, identified these current email marketing challenges in a blog post at MediaPost:

  • The need for strategies to address customers failing to complete online orders.

  • The need for strategies that go beyond broadcast emails in marketing.

  • The need for new strategies for gaining new subscribers and customers.

  • The need for activation programs to retain and re-attract disengaged customers.

  • The need for developing emails that are accessible on mobile devices.

  • The need for content improvement; multiple, related messages are needed.

  • The need for email and other technology systems integration.

  • The need for combining current data with third-party data on customers.

Simms Jenkins

An additional expert on email marketing, Simms Jenkins, with BrightWave Marketing, discussed his tips on email marketing on a radio interview with Atlanta Business Radio. He mentioned in this interview how social media and email marketing are related and how to increase sales with this knowledge.

Improving Email Marketing

Continuous improvements are needed with email marketing so that businesses are able to realize the desired outcome: an increase in business. By staying updated on technology advancements and trends and applying what works, businesses are equipped with the knowledge needed so that the most desirable results are obtained from email marketing.

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