When to use a QR Code on Direct Mail


QR-codes-and-direct-mailIt’s hard to go anywhere these days without seeing a QR code. They’re located in magazines, newspapers, and even some books. You can also find them on restaurant table cardboard advertisements. QR codes are located next to art installations in public places and stores are getting into the game by placing them next to their address on the front window. Even cities and towns are joining the bandwagon with QR codes. Some have them in their email signatures!

With all of these QR codes popping up, it should come as no surprise that they can be used effectively in direct mail, as well. Here is a helpful list of when to use a QR code in direct mail pitches for maximum effect:

Use them to save valuable space.

We’ve spoken before on how to save money using direct mail, and one of the biggest tips is to try and limit the amount of weight you put in the envelope. Unfortunately, this means you don’t have much room to work with, if you want to use an appropriate amount of white space. This is where QR codes can come to the rescue! If a lead is intrigued by your pitch and wants to know more, he or she only has to take out a smartphone and snap a picture of the QR code.

QR codes have been shown to achieve a higher than average response rate from viewers.

This goes hand in hand with how instantaneous they are. Most readers are going to have a smartphone around them, even if they’re away from the computer having coffee while reading the mail. A QR code gives the reader an instant way to interact with your print advertisement, without even having to go to the computer to type in a web address. This generates more response from your leads.

QR codes allow for excellent integrated marketing.

QR codes can lead to a variety of different online media. They can be used to take a lead to the main page of your website, of course, but can also enter the lead in a sweepstakes, take them to a multimedia page or a social media feed, or perhaps to a landing page that will encourage them to take further action. QR codes allow a seamless shift from print to other media.

QR codes are easy to create.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to create a QR code, and it costs no more money to print than simple black and white text. Most print companies won’t charge you extra for a QR code, so they’re excellent for direct mail campaigns on a budget.

QR codes are an extremely effective addition to print campaigns and are often more useful in print than they are online. (In fact, we always wonder a little bit about the use of QR codes in the aforementioned email signature; is the reader supposed to get out her smartphone to scan the QR code on the screen?) The next time you’re looking to raise the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign, consider adding a QR code.

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