Why Small Businesses Need Direct Mail Marketing


why-small-businesses-need-direct-mail-marketingWhile many believe that the age of the internet has essentially killed traditional marketing methods such as direct mail marketing, research shows that direct mail marketing is actually making a comeback. With this resurgence in direct mail marketing, it is even more important for small businesses to take advantage of this tactic for their marketing strategy. Read on to learn more about why direct mail marketing is key for small businesses and how small businesses can take advantage of all that direct mail marketing has to offer.

Direct Mail Marketing Benefits

  • A Cost Effective Solution: First and foremost, direct mail marketing is important for small businesses because it is a cost-effective solution. Not only is direct mail marketing economical, it gives you the option to change how much you are spending on marketing based on a range of factors, from material to frequency.
  • Reaches Your Target Audience: Second, direct mail marketing is important because it is a great way to reach your target audience. Direct mail marketing is a great way to reach more customers, and by crafting the right mailing list, you can reach your core demographics.
  • Makes A Big Impact: In addition, direct mail marketing makes a big impact. Because you are providing your customers with a physical advertisement, your message is more likely to stick in their brains. This helps increase conversion rates.
  • Greater Security: Finally, direct mail marketing is great for small businesses because it is more secure than email marketing. While emails often disappear from inboxes, get viruses, or are filtered away into the spam folder, direct mailers will reach your customers generally without issue.

Tips for Small Businesses 

  • Create a List: The first step in beginning your direct mail marketing campaign is to curate a list. Your list is potentially the most important aspect of your campaign because it determines whether or not your mailers are reaching your target audience. Work with a reputable company to develop your mailing list.
  • Use High Quality Materials: You should also create direct mailers that use high quality materials. While a cheap mailer is likely to be thrown out, high quality materials will attract potential customers and encourage them to pay attention to your promotional materials.
  • Choose the Right Printer: One aspect that is crucial to the quality of your materials is choosing the right printer. Only choose a printer with a great reputation for high quality work. A quality printer will also do the mailing for you, saving your business time and money.
  • Provide Incentives: Great direct mailers offer incentives to customers. Add incentives such as coupons for new customers, loyalty programs, deals and discounts, promotional items, freebies, etc. Incentives further encourage your audience to pick up the phone or visit your store.
  • Find the Perfect Medium: Last but not least, ensure that you are choosing the correct medium for your direct mail marketing campaign. Direct mailers come in a variety of formats, from simply greeting cards and sales letters to postcards and brochures. Remember that the medium is just as important as the message you are sending.

Direct Mail Best Practices