Why Taking Risks is Important for Successful Direct Mail Campaigns


Why-Taking-Risks-Is-Important-For-Successful-Direct-Mail-CampaignsConsumers don’t do well with routine. While change in one’s personal life can mean emotional upheaval, the same doesn’t apply for marketing campaigns. When customers are continually marketed to in the same way, they get bored. They then become more likely to give their loyalty to someone else. The same trap exists in direct mail campaigns. Taking risks in direct mail marketing is important to business growth and success.

Calculated Risks: A Chance to Excel

The nature of risk is the potential for backfire. A poorly calculated risk can be bad for any business; however, failing to take any risks can lead to stagnation at best. At worst, it can mean business failure in this changing world. Business risks take courage. Psychologically, people tend to have what’s called a negativity bias. If we were in the wild, this would help us survive, as continuing to look on the negative side allows us to plan for worst case scenarios. In the business world, though, this strategy can have negative effects on growth. Part of the nature of business is taking calculated risks.

Taking Risks the Smart Way

A smart risk taker in the business world calculates what might be lost and what can be gained. Especially in business, it’s a bad idea to risk more than you have. When looking to make a marketing change that may cost money, calculate how much you can afford to lose. Figure out if a particular risk is worthwhile.

What Do Risk Takers Gain?

Risk takers themselves tend to stand out. In the marketing world, innovation and creativity are key. Participating in a direct mail campaign is a risk in itself. Most businesses are turning to digital marketing for their entire advertising presence. However, risk takers know that direct mail is part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, regardless of the popularity of digital marketing. Failing to take risks in marketing means success can’t be attained.

Risk Takers’ Strategies to Succeed in Direct Mail Marketing

There are many routes to go when looking to spice up a direct mail campaign. Direct mail should always be simple and sleek in design. Overly flashy colors and too much text leads to a piece of mail being thrown away. As a strategy, direct mail relies on identifying an audience and continuing to send mail to that audience. Without change, however, customers begin to throw the mail away without reading it.

Sending new offers in direct mail is a great way to maintain customer interest. By sending out frequent offers, customers begin to associate mail from your company with a rewarding experience. Create opportunities for customers to participate. Customers who demonstrate their loyalty by participating in offers or surveys can receive special perks, gifts, or offers. This creates a solid customer base, and ensures that your direct mail will be read every time.

It’s important to prioritize creativity in a direct mail campaign. Deciding what changes to be made should be thought out carefully. A survey or study on how current customers feel about mailers can bring ideas. Hiring outside help in marketing can be expensive and a risk in itself. However, marketing isn’t as easy as it looks. Getting help from a professional can mean high quality marketing materials and profits.

The marketing world requires constant innovation. This means risk. Don’t be afraid to take risks in direct mail marketing; the gains can be great.

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