Yes! You Can Save on Direct Mail, and Here’s How


Yes-You-Can-Save-on-Direct-Mail-and-Heres-How_.jpgDirect mail has been around for a long time, and it’s still one of the most effective marketing tools out there, delivering a marketing ROI that blows newer technologies – like email marketing – out of the water. However, while it’s completely true that direct mail is a great way to market any business, there’s no denying that there is an initial investment and that it is a numbers game. That means that you need to reach more targeted people with your message in order to reap the benefits.

Since sending to fewer people isn’t a great way to save on a direct mail campaign, we thought we’d give you a few other ideas that can help you cut costs.

When in Doubt, Opt for a Postcard

There are many types of direct mail, from catalogs to sales letters, but there’s one that consistently does the job, year after year: the postcard. Postcards are relatively inexpensive to print and mail, there’s no barrier to reading your message (like a wrap or an envelope) and they’re large enough to showcase your message without looking cramped.

Save on Design Costs

When you first start using direct mail, one of the bigger costs is the expense for graphic design. Whether you spend money hiring a professional or dedicate time to developing design in house, there’s a significant investment involved. One way to save is to find one or two formats that work for you, then create templates, allowing you to switch out a few words or numbers and reuse a design that has worked in the past.

Less is More

When it comes to graphic design, also remember that less is definitely more. Your message and your list will always have more impact than the design of the piece, so while you don’t want it to look cheap, you also don’t have to go all out with multicolored, embossed, sparkly, scratch-and-sniff pieces. Really. Just don’t.

In fact, if you do decide to use a postcard for direct mail, you may even be able to make the reverse side black and white and save a little on printing.

Consider Mailing Options

You should have your direct mail campaign ready for distribution well before any time-sensitive deals or offers become an issue; this will give you more flexibility in terms of mailing. Opt for the lowest-cost option that will work for your campaign. After all, if it’s a choice between speedier delivery and sending out more pieces, more pieces will definitely have a greater impact on results.

Print Bigger Volumes

Research has proven time and again that sending the same direct mail piece out more than once is actually better for conversion rates. So if you can send out the same piece more than once, why not take advantage of bulk printing costs and have more pieces printed at one time? You can send them out over time, and if there isn’t a time-sensitive offer involved, you can save a bundle on printing costs!

Work with a Professional Company

In nearly every case, it makes sense to work with a professional direct mail company that can offer options and solutions that meet your needs and your budget. What you pay in fees for their service will more than make up for the headaches you’ll experience and time you’ll waste trying to go it alone. Enlisting professionals will leave you free to get on with the business of doing business.

Direct Mail Best Practices