5 Tips For a Jolly Holiday Direct Mail Campaign


5_Tips_for_a_Jolly_Holiday_Direct_Mail_Campaign‘Tis the season to be profitable with direct mail. As spending ramps up during the holiday season, it’s important that your business is poised to take advantage of holiday marketing. By following these tips, you can ensure that your direct mail campaign results in your company cheering with joy!

Start Your Holiday Marketing Now

While consumers feel the rush after Thanksgiving, the reality is that most major brands and retailers begin their holiday marketing via direct mail much sooner. In fact, before September was even over, it was reported that many brands were beginning their holiday push this year. When it comes to marketing, the holidays will creep upon us earlier and earlier each year and the businesses that make the initial push will stay ahead of their competitors. Instead of trying to make up for lost ground in November and early December, begin get a head start now.

Send Direct Mail Often

A direct mail strategy isn’t a one-time thing. Instead, it’s a long-term commitment to cultivating potential customers and turning them into paying clients. Especially if you begin your direct mail holiday push now, it’s important to mail often and consistently throughout the entire season. This not only gives consumers multiple opportunities to buy, but also keeps your brand in the forefront of their minds.

The closer we get to the holidays, the more direct mail that your competitors will be sending out as well. The result? Stuffed mail boxes for consumers. This is why it’s critical to send direct mail often, especially during the holidays. A single mailing could get lost in the shuffle of competition, so sending direct mail consistently heightens the chance of boosting your sales.

Spread the Cheer Through Direct Mail

Give your customers something to be joyful and cheerful about. By showcasing your latest deals, offers and discounts through your direct mail marketing strategy, you ensure that your clients are excited about your brand. One of the immeasurable benefits this creates is word-of-mouth marketing. As special deals excite consumers, they’ll be more likely to spread the word with their family and friends. Furthermore, sending special rewards to your most loyal customers will establish their loyalty even more and give them a reason to make you their primary shopping destination as they shop for gifts this holiday season.

Don’t Forget About 2014 As Well!

It’s so easy to focus on direct mail during the holidays that it’s easy to forget about the marketing strategy in store for 2014. While there will certainly be a major retail push at the end of the year, this isn’t the end of your marketing strategy. Instead, you want to target buyers now with direct mail and make sure that you continue to share your business with them after the holiday as well. Remember, post-holiday sales are just as popular and will help you kick off the New Year on a solid note.

Even if consumers don’t respond immediately, it’s important to view your direct mail marketing strategy as an investment. Promoting your business consistently will undoubtedly result in greater sales in the long-run.

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