7 Brilliant Ideas To Bring Your Direct Mail Campaign To Life


10 brilliant ideas to bring your direct mail campaign to life

Though direct mail is one of the most effective forms of traditional advertising, the pieces you send out don’t have to be traditional in nature. By infusing your direct mail campaign with exciting ideas and content, you’ll surprise your readers and magnify their responses.

Remember, because our culture is infused with technology, direct mail

is more powerful today than it ever has been before. Today, you can capture attention simply by marketing on a medium that isn’t as inundated with competitive ads. However, employing a direct mail marketing strategy that’s boring and lifeless can actually drive consumers away. It’s vital to infuse life into your direct mail campaign to excite customers into doing business with you. Here are seven brilliant ideas to consider incorporating into your direct mail campaign:

1. Try including a sample.

Whether it’s a mini shampoo packet or a square piece of carpet, consider including a sample in your direct mail marketing strategy to get the recipient’s attention. Consumers love freebies, and giving out free samples is a great way to keep your brand in the front of their minds as they need your products and services in the future.

2. Follow the three-a-piece rule.

Based on their previous experience, one brand suggests sending three separate direct mailings at three- to four-day intervals to the same recipient. This way, even if the first letter is ignored, there’s a 67 percent likelihood that at least one of the letters will be read. However, ensure that while each letter is related, they can also stand on their own even if a previous one wasn’t opened. Consider a follow-up call to increase the chances of lead conversion.

3. Use colors.

Instead of mailing a plain promotional piece on computer paper, invest in colors and graphic design that really get the attention of the recipient. Remember, with all the various voices calling for each customer, it’s important to work to make your brand stand out.

4. Ask questions.

Ever notice how every question seems to draw you in? Asking questions is a subtle way to grab the recipient’s attention in a manner that makes him or her want to keep reading! Consider asking questions that raise awareness about a problem or issue, and then conveniently state how your business can offer a solution.

5. Get creative with packaging.

From “DO NOT OPEN” on the mailer to crinkly packages that look extremely mysterious, presenting your direct mail in certain ways will make recipients want to open your marketing materials.

6. Follow content marketing strategies.

Once you have their attention with mysterious packaging, be sure to keep their focus by employing content creation practices into your marketing strategy. Remember, content marketing is just as effective in the physical world as it is in the digital one.

7. Use a newsletter.

Regularly sending out a newsletter via direct mail is a strong marketing strategy because it keeps customers in the loop with your business. Whether it’s the latest products and offerings or incredibly exciting announcements, newsletters are a way to humanize your brand and help consumers emotionally connect with your business.

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