How To Integrate Direct Mail and Content Marketing Into a Seamless Strategy

How to Integrate Direct Mail and Content Marketing into a Seamless StrategyOne of the biggest mistakes any business will make is to view their marketing strategy in terms of separate categories: social media, direct mail and traditional advertising. The reality, though, is that these various methods can be combined to create a powerful marketing synergy that converts potential leads. By integrating your direct mail and business blogging strategies to create a holistic content marketing strategy, you can ensure that your business is leveraging as much of its influence as possible.

So how exactly can you integrate your direct mail campaign into your greater marketing efforts?

Encourage recipients to go online

By driving customers online to your website, you’re not only enhancing the brand experience, but you’re creating an opportunity for potential clients to stay engaged with your brand. Instead of simply asking visitors to go to your website, why not create a specific URL or landing page for direct mail recipients? This creates a custom strategy that consumers will notice and respond to.

Create online content specifically for direct mail recipients.

If you’re going to drive potential customers to your online presence, then make sure that you have plenty of material for them to peruse. Business blogging will boost your content marketing strategy and ensure that visitors have the opportunity to learn more about your business, services and industry. This will allow you to naturally produce qualified leads without having to seek them out. They will come to you if your direct mail is handled appropriately. Since most consumers do research online before performing business, it’s important that you have online content for them to browse and study.

Make a call-to-action

As direct mail experiences a re-birth in marketing practices, the reality is that strategies that work in business blogging are just as effective in direct mail. For instance, just as you would include a call-to-action (CTA) in your business blogging posts, your direct mail should include strong CTAs. Of course, you don’t want to overwhelm your recipients with too many calls to action, but by asking them to visit your online sites, you’ll be able to more easily connect your direct mail and business blogging efforts. Seamlessly integrating the two is all about redirecting potential clients in the right direction. This will save you time, resources and energy.

Measure your results

Just as you would look at analytics to determine the success or failure of business blogging, you should measure the results of your direct mail campaigns. By tweaking a CTA or experimenting with content, layout and design, you can ensure that your direct mail efforts are as efficient as possible. After all, it’s important to maximize the benefits that this avenue of marketing has to offer.

Fortunately, through direct mail analysis and a full marketing assessment, it’s easier than ever to measure the results of your direct mail campaigns. By consistently measuring and refining your efforts, you can more efficiently target potential clients and grow your business. And as you link your direct mail and business blogging efforts, you’ll create a powerful synergy that will win over potential customers.