How To Make Images Work In Your Direct Mailing Campaign


using-images-in-direct-mailWe have all heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Smart marketers know strong, powerful images should always be included in a direct marketing campaign. Choosing the right photo to complement your campaign is important, and can make or break that vital first impression. The right images can lead to promising results.

Direct mail typically consists of three components: the creative, the message and the offer. The image you choose falls under the creative category, and the message and offer further build upon and support that image. The ability to tie the three together can have an enormous influence the success of your campaign.

The average person receives 250 pieces of direct mail each year, half of which is thrown away before it is even opened. How can you ensure your mail not only gets opened by potential customers, but is read and responded to?

Tips for Choosing a Direct Mail Image

Choose an Image that Supports Your CTA: The goal of any direct mail campaign is to inspire action by the reader. The image you choose should command attention and evoke an emotional response. Your CTA should be complemented and strengthened by the image you choose to include in your mailer.

Don’t Overuse Images: An image might be worth a thousand words, but two photos might not be worth two thousand words. One strong image is worth far more than several inferior ones. Don’t overwhelm your reader with visuals. Instead, focus on giving them one strong image that effectively illustrates your message.

Don’t Skimp on Images: Obtaining a good photo might be costly, but is often well worth the expense. Consider hiring a professional photographer to take photos for your direct mail campaign. Often, photos can be reused later on social media or on your website. Using a dull stock photo won’t do you or your reader any favors. Invest in a high-quality photo, and you’ll be sure to reap the benefits.

Be Compelling: Choose an image that will stand out to readers and grab their attention. Your choice should be compelling and shouldn’t be made just to fill space. Don’t choose a photo just because it might go with the theme of your marketing. Go all out; choose the right image or don’t use an image at all.

Images Should Drive Conversion: To drive conversion by using an image, it is important to personalize. Customize your image so it appeals directly to your customer. Use their name, something personal, or consider implementing a Facebook or social media site logo.

Test Image Effectiveness: It might seem complicated, but you should always test the effectiveness of your direct mail images. Try splitting up direct mailers and attaching different images to each segment. Take note of which group seems to yield a better response, and learn from it.

Carefully consider the images you choose for your direct mail campaign. Your photos have the power to evoke an emotional response, motivate readers and ensure marketing, and drive success for your campaign.

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