How to Market a New Product with Direct Mail Marketing


How-to-Market-a-New-Product-with-Direct-Mail-MarketingIf you have created a new product that appeals to a wide-range of consumers, direct mail marketing can cover a lot of ground quickly. Don’t limit your campaign to what and where you think your customers may be. Send out direct mail pieces that highlight the exciting features and benefits of a new product to drive customers to your website or store.

Direct mail is most effective when it has a clear purpose. Receiving messages with irrelevant content is one of the most common turnoffs for customers. When you have a new product, your customers will be more receptive to receiving direct mail, as you have something important that you wish to share with them.

Because direct mail is database driven, it allows companies to reach out to and create dialogues with a huge number of people every year. However, it is very important to keep databases updated. Customers may move, get new emails addresses or phone numbers, or change their preferences. If your mailing lists are generated by an outdated database, then you have made it much harder to ensure customers receive your messages. No matter how interesting or exciting your new product is, if your efforts to reach out to a customer are based on outdated information, they may as well be useless.

Make your offers intriguing! Don’t only describe your new product; make sure you emphasize its selling points. You want your customers to understand why your new product is the best product on the market, and why they should buy it. Don’t be afraid to offer deals or discounts. An email offering to give money to a customer will be much more effective than an email asking the customer to send money to your company.

When describing your product, the first step is in targeting your main audience. These are the people who for a multitude of reasons are most likely to be receptive to and appreciative of your new product. Next, you must show the product is necessary. Show your customers their need, and the necessity of fixing their situation so that their need is met. Then show why your product is the perfect solution to their problem. Make sure to explain in detail how the product meets all of the needs you have described, and why it is better than any competing product at meeting those needs.

By sending this information to your customers through direct mail marketing, you ensure that you are reaching vast numbers of people in very little time and at low cost to you. By making the information interesting and informative, you entice your customers to read the direct mail. And by showing your customers the need that caused your company to develop your new product, you illustrate to them a way to improve their life of which they were previously unaware.

Following these steps allows a marketer to generate interest and excitement in his or her customers, and thus creates a more receptive audience. It is in this way direct mail marketing can be effective in selling a new product, and why selling a new product can be such a good reason to employ direct marketing strategies.

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