Leveraging LinkedIn Ads as Part of Your Builder Marketing Strategy

linkedin logoWhen you think of online advertising most builders would list Google Adwords, banner ads, and even Facebook as their first places to spend their money.  Each of these has a place in your online campaign, but I think that you should take another look at moving part of your budget to LinkedIn.

First off, evaluate the demographics of LinkedIn members. For starters, more than 80 percent influence business decisions and have an average income of $88k per year. That’s just the general information for the 100 million LinkedIn users, but the best part of advertising through this professional based social media site is the ability to target specific segments.

When someone signs into LinkedIn they fill out general information for the profile page, such as employer, job title, location, gender etc. In advertising with LinkedIn you can use this information to target specific segment. For example, if you are a high end custom home builder, you may want to target executives of a certain age – you can do that. Or as a remodeler, you may want to target teachers or manufacturers – you can do that. Or if there is a large employer in your area, you can even target their employees. You can use the information that every LinkedIn user freely offers to target your message and impressions.

Another reason to use LinkedIn is that it is more trusted than other social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.  LinkedIn is the home for professionals to connect to other professionals, Its users trust the information they receive through LinkedIn.

Here are the best practices provided by LinkedIn:linkedin best practices

jimmy donnellon – inbound marketing professional

Blog Post Written by Jimmy Donnellon

Jimmy is an inbound marketing professional with a background in public relations and marketing. Jimmy helps his clients found on the web, convert visitors into leads and helps them track their results.