Marketing for Retirement Communities: Promoting Events

Image for Marketing for Retirement Communities: Promoting Events
Sometimes the best way to let people know what sets you apart from your competition is to invite people to “Come, see for yourself!” If you’re selling a commodity (think paperclips or laundry detergent) there really isn’t much point in trying to get people to “see for themselves.” If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. But if you’re talking to people about something as personal as a retirement community, there is no substitute for an in-the-flesh visit. It’s the only way people can get a sense for your community and the facilities that support that community. That’s why promoting events at your site can be so powerful. While your buildings and equipment may be important, that’s not what’s going to sway people. They need to see your community in action: meet the people, and see how they interact with one another. And they can’t do that without visiting. So how can you get the word out—and get people to come? Read More