Using Social Media To Promote Your Custom Homes

SEO-optimization; website; inbound-marketing; custom-home-builders; social-media-profilesThe results are in: inbound marketing produces drastically superior cost-per-lead ratios than traditional marketing strategies like tradeshows and mailing lists. And this shouldn’t surprise anyone. After all, building an effective presence on the internet combined with the ability to target specific demographics trumps alternative marketing methods in just about every other way as well. So how can you start to promote your own construction or contracting business? Below are a handful of excellent SEO and inbound marketing tips to help start you on the right path.

Optimize Your SEO

Your ability to project a presence for your business on the internet will be the single most important factor in whether your inbound marketing campaign will take off or fail. The popularity of your website serves two primary functions. First and foremost, it will yield or consumers who visit your website and become customers, also known as conversion traffic. Second, it will allow you to reach out to your audience and their associates to draw in recurring sales and internet-based referrals.

Getting your website to the top of the search engine results for your business is a matter of developing excellent SEO content using the right keywords for your trade (ex: Atlanta Contracting). Fill your website with regular SEO-driven content updates in order to get both Google and your visitors to understand that you’re an authority in your area. Even if you already rank well on the first page of Google, drastically more traffic favors the first few search results than those below them, so even a few steps up the ranking ladder can make a huge difference.

SEO Enables Inbound Marketing

The popularity of your website will allow you to use it as a launching pad for inbound marketing techniques like the strategic use of newsletters. Sending out informative and interesting e-mail newsletters to those who are impressed enough with your content to subscribe is a surefire way to draw and retain the attention of potential customers. Even if the recipient never purchases your services directly, they will inevitably facilitate the desirable word-of-mouth marketing that is needed to reach out to the older and less technologically proficient demographics that your business so desperately needs. 

Social Media Enables SEO

Part of building your internet presence is creating social media profiles on other sites. Social media sites enable consumers to share information about your business as well as offer you a means to interact directly with former and current customers over the internet. They also help improve your search engine rankings by building your backlink profile online. 

Pinterest, King of Ecommerce

Among all social media websites, the most important for your business is Pinterest. Pinterest is outstanding among the numerous popular social media websites on the internet today for both its impressive rate of growth and its internal user emphasis on ecommerce. The majority of Pinterest categories are directly related to ecommerce, and the average Pinterest user is twice as likely to purchase than users who are linked from other social media websites such as Facebook.

Used correctly, Pinterest is a powerful business tool, especially for construction crews and contractors. As picture-based media, Pinterest allows you to pin photos of your custom homes or floor plans that interested Pinterest users will then circulate on your behalf. With doing little more than posting a few attractive photos of what you can offer, your marketing material will circulate better and have a greater effect than anywhere else on the internet. 

Final Thoughts

Don’t put all your SEO eggs in one basket; you should also take the time to build social media profiles for Twitter and Facebook, allowing you to take advantage of the vast membership and significance of those websites for your own. Remember, search engines use links from other sites to determine your website’s significant in relation to relative search keywords. Additionally, your links on big websites like Facebook and Twitter go a long way toward improving your overall rankings and getting the ball rolling on your businesses internet presence.

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