Why Saving Money on Direct Mail Design Can Cost You Big Time

Why-saving-money-on-direct-mail-design-can-cost-you-big-timeEvery smart business tries to keep a lid on costs. That’s just good business. But sometimes businesses shoot themselves in the foot with cost-savings efforts. You wouldn’t turn off the power in an effort to save money on utilities because the loss of employee productivity would far outweigh any savings you might realize.

However, when it comes to direct mail, some businesses  try to save money by doing it all themselves—even if they lack the expertise. They think, “How hard can it really be?” Here’s what they may not think about when they try to save.

First Impressions Matter

The design of your mailing is a reflection of your company. It’s a calling card.  A poorly designed mailing signals that you’re not professional. I’m not talking about glitz and glamour, and being cute. I’m talking about looking like someone your clients trust enough to do business with.

Design Affects Impact

Good direct mail design is about more than pretty pictures and clever copy. Good design isn’t just about getting noticed. It’s about getting response. If your mailing doesn’t lead people to respond, it’s a waste of time and money.

Poor Design Can Cost Time and Money

The USPS is pretty picky about what they mail. They have some very rigid rules about how mailings must be prepared. If you don’t follow their regulations, your mailing can be delayed, can cost considerably more—or it can even be rejected entirely. Saving a few hundred dollars up front isn’t much of a bargain if you pay more at the Post Office—or have to reprint  because your mail piece doesn’t meet USPS regulations.

Do some businesses pay more than they should for design services? Sure. If you have the expertise to design your mailing to get the response you want; and if you’re comfortable dealing with USPS rules and regulations, you may not need the services of a direct mail designer. But before you pinch pennies on the front end of your direct mail marketing efforts, make sure you’re not cutting dollars on the other end!

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