Useful Direct Mailers That Will Get Your Company Noticed

thought-leadership-for-direct-mailDirect mailers are no longer resigned to simple postcards and letter-sized envelops. These days, there are much more inventive options for direct mail campaigns, from mailers that double as pencil holders, to puzzle mailers requiring customer participation to piece together the necessary information.

Unique Challenges of Direct Mail

Direct mail campaigns pose unusual challenges for marketing experts. Although the content will ideally attract the attention of recipients, this unfortunately is not usually the case. Mail pieces need a “wow” factor to stand out in the recipients stack of mail. False hype, cheesy tag lines, and overly colorful mail no longer do the trick. Companies interested in receiving a healthy return on investment are seeking new, innovative methods for capturing the eye of potential customers.

Engaging Mailer Designs

Amnesty International: This company designed a set of pencils to resemble chopsticks, which arrived with specific instruction to write the Chinese government about ending torture. With this new approach, more people probably participated in the movement simply because they were presented with a creative form of direct marketing. Additionally, they were provided with the tools to perform the call to action.

ADT Security System: This direct mailer probably scared several recipients. The mail arrived in the form of a flat box to easily slip underneath the door to an apartment. However, the flatten box is designed to pop into a cube with a message reading, “Breaking into your apartment is easier than you think.” This type of direct mail undoubtedly demands attention and sends an effective message.

Enogarage: This wine company created a simple mailer that is close to a traditional approach, with one special touch. As the insert is pulled out of the envelope, it gives the appearance of filling the wine glass with red wine. The amusing tactic instantly creates a connection with the recipient.

Decrease Frequency

Instead of paying for several campaigns throughout the year, cut down on the frequency of direct mailers and focus on enhancing the quality of the mailer. Studies show recipients are growing tired of receiving direct mailers too often, so learning to adapt to new methods will likely lead to more positive responses from more recipients.

Although the financial output is increased on more elaborate mailers, fewer campaigns and better return on investment make the change worthwhile. Business owners should conduct branding and brainstorming sessions to develop mailing ideas to represent the values, message, and services offered through their company. Investing creativity into direct mailers will help produce a more attractive end product.

The examples listed above help spark new ideas to get marketing executives to start thinking outside the box, or envelope. A successful direct mailer should demand attention. It should stand out from ordinary mail, and make the recipient wonder about the contents. Companies are becoming more aware of the importance of originality.

Don’t be afraid to take a risk for your next direct mail campaign. Traditional methods are challenging to perfect, and exciting shapes, materials, and contents will lure the curiosity of recipients and lend a substantial financial reward for companies bold enough to take the plunge.

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