4 Novel Ways to Personalize a Direct Mail Campaign

4-Novel-Ways-to-Personalize-a-Direct-Mail-CampaignSending direct mail campaigns is still a great way to get in front of customers. One  reason is because it’s more “sticky” – postcards and such are more likely to be kept lying around for a few days and revisited than an email is. But how much more attention will your mailings get if you personalize them?

Quite a lot, actually! Here are 4 exciting ways to do so.

1. Name Customization

Putting your recipient’s name on the mail is the most obvious form of personalization, and it’s still a powerful one. It’s also easy to do if you have a comprehensive mailing list. With the print-on-demand processes used mostly for small business direct mail runs, it’s a simple matter to merge your database with your marketing letter and produce individualized material. You have to get it right, though, so make sure it’s spelled correctly and all pieces match up.

2. Profile Differentiation

This is also done with your list, but this one’s not quite so obvious. It works by segmenting your mailing list into market categories based on preferences, past purchase history and/or demographic information. This way you don’t send special offers only available to a portion of the population to your whole mailing list—which is a sure-fire recipe for expensive failure, by the way! Instead, by using methods of variable data printing (VDP) you can personalize each piece down to the colors and graphics used in the design. And you can use this option to reach prospects regardless of where they are in the buying cycle.

3. Handwritten Envelopes

Remember the old days of receiving handwritten letters in the mail? Well, there’s no reason why they should be over. Everyone loves to get a letter that looks like it has been written by a real person, so why not do so—at least with the envelopes? You don’t have to actually write them by hand, either. Many available fonts give the impression of being written in cursive, and they are just as capable as printing as fast as an anonymous print run would be. Beware though, using the wrong “script” font could impact deliverability. Your mail service provider can give you guidance.

4. Scratch-Off Stickers

There’s little that can beat the thrill of having a chance to win something for nothing—especially if it’s something you particularly need or want. Including scratch-off stickers in your direct mail campaign is a great way to get your company noticed and ensure that your recipient actually looks at it. The trick is making sure they can’t miss the sticker. Then include a reason why they have to read the mailing, such as to find the answer to the lucky question. Personalize this according to their profile data for the best results.

Any of these personalization methods will take your direct mail campaign from good to great. Reach your target customers by gathering information about them, and customize a campaign that speaks to them—personally.

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